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There are many tools in this crypto world, however everyone is not aware of all. We deal with these tools all the time and know a lot about them.

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We can help your project to grow

Seeing and being seen is very important. We can help your project to get more attention in the crypto sphere.

GOSSIP Blockchain

We have our own blockchain

We have our own blockchain project and we really work hard on it. Our team members are spread all over the world.

Services around the Blockchain

GOSSIP Project

Our blockchain is the basis of this project. We have already experienced a lot in this crypto world, good and bad, we have learned a lot, invested a lot of time and efforts and we have made the firm decision to build a successful project. We work on it every day and invest a lot of our time to make a little difference in this crypto world.


We keep on improving existing tools and are always open to new ideas. See our portfolio.

Powerful Tools

Our offer is very varied. Sure, there are tools you’ve never heard of; however they can be very useful for you.

Full Service

Delivering a perfect service is very important for us.
We want satisfied customers.

Time Saving

You can do everything yourself now with ease. We have done all the homework for you.

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Stay inspired by our mind blowing offers

Receive Ideas

See something new and get new ideas

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Focus on the essential and see what you need

GOSSIP Demo Park

You can touch and feel many tools which we provide

We think, it’s important and normal to be able to touch and test our products. This makes it easy for you to select the right product you need.
We’ve installed our Demo Park to make you feel comfortable with our products before actually buying them.

Create possibilities

Adverstising & Marketing

We would like to help you to advance your project. We have contacts and we work together with good partners who help us to reach your goal. This is one of our fastest growing services. We constantly have new products and services here. This area has endless potential.

This service is not available at the moment, but we are working on products that will be released soon.

Unique Worldwide

Multi Coin Swap Platform

The Swap platform allows you to swap different coins with different parameters. The swap ratio is individually adjustable. A multi coin swap is also possible. This means that coin A, B, C can be swapped to coin X.
We make our platform available as a Service during the entire period of use, fully configured.

  • Works with all Blockchains
  • Single Swap (1:1) or Multi Swap (N:1)
  • Adjustable Swap Ratio every time
High secure

Web Wallet

We are currently working on our Web Wallet. This is our new product.

A web wallet has to be one thing above all else: secure and of course easy to use.

Our Web Wallet will have these benefits along with some other good functions.

This won’t happen overnight however we will let you know as soon as it is done.

Why to join the GOSSIP project?

and not others

Members in our community


Long term team members


Months an active project


Products & Services in our portfolio

Monitor your Masternodes

Using our service will allow you to run and monitor your masternodes, even when hosted elsewhere.

To manage your portfolio, you will receive alerts as soon as your masternode status changes and each time you have received a reward. The configuration is easy as a pie!

Don’t miss the overview over your investment. It’s your money! Many different crypto currencies inside, when you miss your favourite, write us!


What say others
  • I love the personal touch that the Gossip Team adds to the forum. I hope one day this will grow bigger then bitcoin talk forum!

  • We have a great cooperation. The team is very good and knows what it is doing. I clearly recommend it to others.


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