We will create the next Gen Masternode System

It's our goal for the year 2019. How we will do it you will see in our GOSSIP Coin 2.0 blockchain.
And we want to reach out to the wider community of crypto enthusiastics people and leave the "geek" world.

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Next Generation Masternode Network

Services around the blockchain

We have done our roadmap for 2019.

We can already say one thing:
We have many new and innovative ideas for year 2019.

With our new forum blockchaintalk.pro we want to try to bring closer the world of blockchain and crypto to everybody. In the year 2017/2018 was Discord the most used tool for the community communication. The Discord chat it's a great tool, but in a chat a lot of information are lost during a few minutes. Cryptotalk is to small for a "general" and "masternode" Discord channel. We have so many themes which must be sorted.
And to have special categories for technical discussions it's a great thing. Many communities are searching developers for C++ or CSS specialists. All these we want to try to bring it under "a hat". Our new forum is only one "thing" in our brain. Our next big "thing" will be our GOSSIP 2.0 blockchain. More on that a bit later.



GOSSIP-Coin Advertising

Our website and forum will be used as a smart advertising platform.

GOSSIP-Coin Tools Development

We will create tools as a service. For every crypto project.

GOSSIP-Coin Swap Platform

Swapping as a Service. Multi-Swap, Security, different Multi-Swap ratios. This will be our goal.

GOSSIP-Coin Partnerships

Partnership relationships are important. We want a win win situation.

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The GOSSIP Network is Growing

Masternodes around the world makes our blockchain stable and secure

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Graviex CryptoBridge

Road Map

Our Project - Our Plan

We will have marketing activities and partnerships throughout 2019. Therefore we do not list them separately.
  • Q 1 2019
    ● Release WhitePaper
    ● DNS Seeder development
    ● GOSSIP 2.0 blockchain upgrade

  • Q2 2019
    ● CMC rank < 1,050
    ● Upgrade main website
    ● Swap plattform development

  • Q3 2019
    ● Project review
    ● CMC rank < 1,000
    ● Development Web Wallet
    ● Blockexplorer development

  • Q4 2019
    ● Project planning 2020
    ● Infrastructure maintenance

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