We will create the next Gen Masternode System

It's our goal for the year 2019.
We want to reach out to the wider community of crypto enthusiastics people and leave the "geek" world.

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Next Generation Masternode Network

Services around the blockchain

We are working on our roadmap for 2019.

In December 2018, our plan for the year 2019 will be available

We can already say one thing: We have many new and innovative ideas.

If you know of abandoned projects that have no future prospects, write to the GOSSIP team in the discord server or telegram. Maybe we can merge the communities.

Look forward to it.


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Peer-to-Peer Transactions

The GOSSIP network is a peer-to-peer payment network on a cryptographic protocol.

Borderless Payments

The blockchain offers more efficient, secure and cost-effective payments.

Full Protection

Data protection is about your fundamental right to privacy. For everybody.

Smart Money

Cash invested by those considered to be experienced, well informed, "in-the-know".

Secure Wallet

Use a strong password and make a backup on secure places.

Easy To buy & Sell

We are on two exchanges. Many opportunities for a safe trade.

Coin Distribution

GOSSIP coin it released on the basis of PIVX platform.

Supply Now: 97.000.000
Next Collateral Change: 60.000 GOS (GMT +0)
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Development Activity

Here is our detailed task list

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The GOSSIP Network is Growing

Masternodes around the world makes our blockchain stable and secure

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Road Map

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