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GOSSIP Development

We are customizing the code for you

There are many tools in this crypto world, however everyone is not aware of all. We deal with these tools all the time and know a lot about them.

GOSSIP Masternode Hosting

Masternode hosting free of charge.

We offer masternode hosting 2.0. Free of charge. Operate as many nodes as you like. No cost for you and maximum security!

GOSSIP DNS Seed Service

We connect your blockchain network

We provide for your project the full DNS seeder infrastructure. Blockchain DNS as a service.
Hosted and monitored from the GOSSIP team.

Services around the Blockchain

The GOSSIP Project

Our blockchain is the basis of this project. We have already experienced a lot in this crypto world, good and bad, we have learned a lot, invested a lot of time and efforts and we have made the firm decision to build a successful project. We work on it every day and invest a lot of our time to make a little difference in this crypto world.


We keep on improving existing tools and are always open to new ideas. See our portfolio.

Powerful Tools

Our offer is very varied. Sure, there are tools you’ve never heard of; however they can be very useful for you.

Full Service

Delivering a perfect service is very important for us.
We want satisfied customers.

Time Saving

You can do everything yourself now with ease. We have done all the homework for you.

Masternode Quality Check

Stake and Nodes

We have gained a lot of experience in the Masternode and Crypto area over the last years and would like to pass this on to the world.

Blockchain = Software Development

This you have to know. We have observed many projects and find that there are many projects that are not aware of this responsibility.

For an outsider, it is very difficult to recognize what is a good and what is a bad project. Very often it is also the case that appearances are deceptive.

The platform is live. Check it out now!

Free of Charge. As much as you want.

Masternode Hosting

Are you tired of paying a lot of money for your VPS servers every month?

We have the solution for you!

Masternode hosting does not have to cost money anymore. We offer it to you for free. Host as much as you want.

You can run your nodes with us or install the system yourself in a few minutes on a small VPS server.

We will explain to you how the system works.

Get Inspired

Stay inspired by our mind blowing offers

Receive Ideas

See something new and get new ideas

Use what you need

Focus on the essential and see what you need

GOSSIP Demo Park

You can touch and feel many tools which we provide

We think, it’s important and normal to be able to touch and test our products. This makes it easy for you to select the right product you need.
We’ve installed our Demo Park to make you feel comfortable with our products before actually buying them.

See the Awesome GOSSIP Team

Steven Mai

Head of Project

Mio Mitag


Sahil Saggar

Backend & Video
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