DNS Seeder

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One of the most important things in a blockchain network is to get connections with current and working nodes. Working with “Add Nodes” is a very bad option because the manually added nodes are only now up to date. If master nodes are changed and the IP address is no longer available, you will not get connections to the blockchain network. It’s also a very bad impression for a new user to open a wallet and not be able to connect to the blockchain network.

To resolve this problem, you can use a DNS Seeder service. It is software that detects and tests the functioning nodes on the network. Only working node addresses are added to the node database and forwarded to the requesting partner. All addresses are checked cyclically for their function. This ensures that your network is available worldwide with functioning nodes in the blockchain.

Payment Process

The DNS Seeder Server works with every blockchain. The DNS seed machine entries in the wallet source code usually need to be changed and the best way is to use a separate domain for this service. In this case, we may not touch the existing services that depend on your existing domain. These changes are included. To recompile your wallet source code, it is not included.

• minimum 2x Ubuntu Linux 18.04 VPS server (better 3 or 4)
• => 0.5 GB Ram, 1x CPU, 20 GB disc
• a new domain name without webspace with the possibility to change the domain NS entries
• an up and running  and correct working blockchain

• 50% when you place the order
• 25% when the 1st DNS name server is working (gives multiple IP addresses return)
• 25% when the work is done


  • Create Infrastructure Design
  • Customizing the DNS seeder entries in your wallet source code
  • Complete Installation and Configuration of the DNS seed server
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