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We have spent a lot of time to study the market, gather information and think about what and how to do and finally we have come up with an amazing idea to bring it to you all.

Our portfolio contains lot of options and it has everything you need. We have decided to create a modular system wherever it’s possible. 

One thing was very important to us: “See and feel our products before you buy them”. For this we have installed demo systems where possible. Choose exactly what you need and want.

The GOSSIP masternode quality check portal will be an new amazing service for all people who are interested in crypto. We will bring you closer to the world of masternodes. 

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  • Name: GOSSIP-Coin
  • Ticker: GOSS
  • Algo: Quark
  • Block Time: 90 seconds
  • Chain Type: PoS + Masternodes
  • Software base: PIVX
  • Wallet forkedfrom: PHORE
  • Difficulty Retargeting: every block
  • Max Coin Supply: Infinite
  • Masternode Collateral: 9999
  • Masternode start confirmations: 16 Blocks
  • P2P Port: 23677
  • RPC Port: 23679
  • Coin Maturity: 59 Blocks
  • Coin Confirmations: 6 Blocks
  • Stake Maturity: 120 minutes
  • Masternode Reward: 65%
  • PoS Reward: 35%


The original GOSSIP Coin project was launched in May 2018. The idea behind the name was to realize a social media project. But that didn’t happen.

The creator of the project threw everything in July 2018 because he did not reach his goal. So, Steven Mai took over the project at the end of July 2018 with a small team of members of the GOSSIP community.

It took some time until we knew how and if we should continue the project, what the plan should be, and so on. The previous owner released a wallet update in July 2018. The block rewards were set very high (high ROI) and the GOSSIP block chain produced a lot of coins from that point on. So already in August 2018 we had the idea to bring a new update, which we didn’t do. After all, it took until the end of November 2018 for our plan to be 100% complete and for us to have clear goals.

From today’s perspective, it was the right decision that we didn’t update. In September 2018 the crypto market collapsed massively and due to the high reward the project survived. From this point of view it was really risky because it was a tough test for our community, but almost all members stayed with us and we are really proud of it.

Arrived in November 2018, we collected a lot of ideas, worked out the goals and created the project plan. The work to revive the GOSSIP started in early December 2018. The plan was to create a completely new blockchain based on the PIVX code base. After careful consideration, we decided to fork the source code of the PHORE blockchain. PHORE is a very stable and high quality project and we think it was the right decision.


We started developing our new GOSSIP 2.0 blockchain code in mid-December 2018. After intensive testing we went live on March 22, 2019 and replaced the old chain with the new one.

In the beginning of the year, we created a blockchain forum, In the end of the year we felt the work is more than the benefit, so we decided to close the forum.

For some time now, our project has been in contact with the VENOX project team. The VENOX project has the problem that its development team is understaffed and thus the further development was slowed down. That is why we decided at the beginning of May 2019 to integrate VENOX into our project. As a result, the GOSSIP community is growing and we can add the good team members from the VNX community to ours. We swapped the VNX coin to the GOSSIP coin on the weekend 31.5.2019 – 2.6.2019.

Doing a swap with another coin is very time consuming and exhausting. An outsider can’t imagine how much time you spend afterwards to help as many users as possible to make a successful swap.

The team took a break in the second half of 2019. We needed this time to gather new strength and ideas. We had our backend systems in view at all times, because we have a monitoring system which notifies us in case of a failure from any server. So we are not blind and work on good luck.


Everyone will remember the year 2020 with the Corona pandemic. Like the rest of the world, the GOSSIP team spent time in their home office from February onwards. Somehow this was the impetus to bring out a wallet update. Because of the long break in 2019 we had to reorientate ourselves on the market. We had some ideas what to include in the next wallet update. Of course in the end it turned out to be more than planned, but that didn’t matter. Blockchain is open source software and that’s good. You check different projects, see what they have done and collect more ideas.

In the meantime, we have noticed that many well-known projects no longer exist or are tired with progress. One very interesting point, however, is that named projects have a very poor code quality and sometimes almost no update progress. Also, we have noticed projects that do updates, but they don’t know what they are updating. It was very funny moments to see something like that.

This is exactly the birth of the gossip masternode check platform. An outsider has no understanding for blockchain code and can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. This is exactly where we see a need and want to show this to everyone interested in crypto. We hope to have the first release ready by mid 2020.
On 19.6.2020 our masternode qulity check page is live:

We open our work transparently for you. Check out on what we are working on.

Please check out our Wiki. We have all guides for different setups here.

Clever System

The GOSSIP blockchain is the basis of our constantly expanding project. We will never be bored. For sure.

We Are Everywhere

Our team is spread all over the globe and we understand how to work remotely with each other.

MN Quality Check

Our new platform will show what is going behind the scenes of different masternode projects.

Multi OS Wallets

We provide our GOSSIP wallet for Linux, Windows, MacOS, ARM and AARCH computers.

Own Development

We are writing the code ourselves and have no external developers. This enables us to react quickly at any time.

Project Management

We work according to the Kanban method parallel to our tasks. This gives us short lead times.

Roadmap 2020

Q1 - 2020

● Infrastructure update – ✓
● DNS Seeder development – ✓

Q2 - 2020

● Wallet update – ✓
● Blockexplorer update – ✓
● New GOSSIP concept – ✓
● Update main website – ✓
● Masternode projects quality check – ✓

Q3 - 2020

● Whitepaper
● Wallet update v2.3.0 – ✓
● Masternode Hosting for free – ✓
● Improvements on Stake and Nodes .net

Q4 - 2020

● Project planning 2021
● Ideas for further listings
● Open space for new ideas
● Infrastructure maintenance
● Improvements on Stake and Nodes .net

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