GOSSIP’s life in a Blog

Today it’s Saturday, we are in the middle of the VENOX – GOSSIP swap. More than 3,5 mllion of VNX coins where swapped to GOSS and it’s time for the first coin burn. We sent all coins which was swapped until now to an unrecoverable burn address. To post the explorer link is worthless, because ths block explorer will be...
Today we entered into a partnership with monitornode.com. The monitornode team has created an excellent platform to monitor all master nodes via a mobile app. The app is available free of charge for Android and IOS in the respective branches. The Monitor team is working very hard on additional features such as a masternode hosting platform and a shared pool....
The main developer of vulcano crypto asked us today if we could install a new block explorer on the bulwark explorer base. Of course we did it. Here’s the result: https://explorer.vulcano.io We look forward to the next order from you. Very pleasant cooperation.
This week we really have a lot to do. We have some requests, we have to prepare the Venox exchange, the new website has to be further processed and the many thousands of small things that arise in between. Oh yes, we also have a full time job and families. But bit by bit we bite through.
Now the GOSSIP blockchain reached almost block 100,000. At this block, the blocktime will change to 90 seconds. Our intention is run run a bit “smoother” and “stressless”.
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