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Our standard block explorer is based on the Iquidius explorer. From the Iquidius explorer exists hundret of forks now. We customized an intresting version, did many imporovements and updates from the internal software components. All fields are working and filled, so we are gathering the IP geo information, when the coin is listed we can grab the price in the the main window and the secure https is standard. 

Payment Process

The Block Explorer has been tested successfully with the codebase of the PIVX 2.x, 3.x and Dash based  chains. There are now thousands of code forks. Under certain circumstances, it is possible that some blockchains will not get the data back in the expected format. That’s because of the changes in fork. We will do a maximum of 1 hour of work for any given repairs, as this problem is not within our control.

Payments already made will not be refunded if the function is not correct.

• up and running and working blockchain
• a sub-domain which with working DNS resoloution
• => 4 GB Ram, 2x CPU, 30 GB disc, new installed Ubuntu Linux 18.04 VPS server

• 50% when you place the order
• 25% when the Explorer is up and running, 100% synced with the blockchain, all functions are working
• 25% when the work is completely done


  • Inclusive coin info
  • Inclusive SSL certificate
  • Choose one of 10 design templates
  • Complete installation and configuration
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  • All from the Standard version
  • Choose one of 10 design templates
  • Inclusive Markets
  • Inclusive Node Map
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  • All from the Plus version
  • Font customizing
  • Color customizing
  • Design customizing
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