VENOX will merge with GOSSIP

Dear community, the last time it was a bit quieter here, but we have thought about how we can grow and move forward.

As some of you know, we are in closer contact with different projects and talk about common difficulties and problems.

So also with the team from the GOSSIP coin. After lengthy discussions, the VENOX team decided to join the GOSSIP project and merge.

In both projects there are good and energetic members and therefore we consider a merge as a strengthening in order to reach common goals with higher speed. Furthermore, the GOSSIP network is running very stable with more than 1000 masternodes. It means we have a good and stable community here. The GOSSIP project is KYD verified ( and the head the projectes is also visible here.

What is our plan?

As already indicated, we want to put the VENOX and GOSSIP community together. Since the GOSSIP chain carried out a big update at the end of March 2019, it is more efficient to merge VNX into GOSS. The chain parameters are very good and we have no reason to change them. We want to swap VNX to GOSS with a 1:1 ratio. The circulaing supply from VENOX is now around 6.35M VNX, the circulating supply of GOSSIP is now around 15M GOSS. With the VENOX merge the circulating supply will be around 21M GOSS.

How it will work?

The swap date is defined on the weekend from 31th May 2019 15:00 GMT +0 till 2nd June 2019 20:00 GMT +0.

We will use the GOSSIP swap platform and everyone will swap the VNX coins to GOSS coins himself. This is a very easy process and done in a few minutes. Create an account, transfer VNX, press the swap button and withdraw the GOSS to your wallet. When you‘re staking VNX, so it’s important to switch of the PoS, in other case your coins are locked and you are not able to transfer them. We want to give every VNX holder the chance to swap, even if he may be sick or unable to attend the appointment for other reasons. So it will be possible to perform a manual swap. Manually we will exchange VNX coins were until 31.5.2019 15:00 GMT +0 generated.

On 31th May 2019 VENOX will be delisted on Crypto Bridge!!! Make all your deals on Crypto Bridge before and transfer your coins BEFORE from the CB to your local wallet or the swap platform!


With this brief explanation, we have given you an insight into the future planning. Of course, many questions remain open. Please come to the GOSSIP discord, there we can talk.

Your VENOX & GOSSIP Core Team

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